Legislative Updates for 2016

SB147—Revisor’s Technical Correction to Utah Code—PASSED.

This cleans up SB177. Governor signed March 28, 2016. The “effective date” will be in May. I believe it will be 60 days after the close of the session (May 9th?)


SB39–Medicaid Coverage for Adult Dental Services–PASSED.

Governor signed on March 25, 2016. This extends dental coverage to blind and disabled existing Medicaid recipients. When possible, services in SL County, should be provided through U of U. Where possible, services not provided by the U shall be provided through managed care or other risk sharing arrangements.
Subject to appropriations by the legislature, and as determined by the department, the scope, amount, duration and frequency of services may be limited.

HB186S02–Volunteer Health Care Continuing Education Credit—PASSED AS AMENDED.

Governor signed on March 21, 2016. Every four documented hours of volunteer health care treatment equals one continuing education credit, up to 15% of continuing education requirement. Check DOPL at dopl.utah.gov to see how this will be implemented.

SB167–Dental Managed Care Amendments–FAILED TO PASS1561262