Public Health Dental Hygiene

Congratulations to all Utah Dental Hygienists for the recent law change (SB177) allowing RDH’s to practice in a public health setting under a collaborative agreement with a dentist!  
Thank you to all those in the community, UDA, Dr. Roger Adams, National supporters and ADHA for helping us reach our goal of improving Direct Access to Utahans and helping improve career opportunities for Utah Hygienists.

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How to start your own Collaborative Practice in a Public Health Setting RDH

Collaborative Agreement: Is it Right for You?
Direct Access through a collaborative agreement in Utah

Have you ever wondered what direct access dental hygiene practice options are available to Utah Dental Hygienists? Want to find a  professional challenge, open doors to new opportunities,  provide the unique satisfaction while being able to provide services to people unable to obtain them?

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Requirements for a Public Health Dental Hygienist
Licensing and educational requirements
Practice settings
Services applicable

Practice as a Public Health Hygienist -What Else Do I Need to Know
Here are some topic you should consider before creating a collaborative agreement practice

  • Business Considerations
  • Insurance & Liability
  • Payment: Reimbursement from Insurance Agencies
  • Payment: NPI
  • Practice Paperwork
  • Data Collecting 

For more detailed information on how you can get started as a Public Health Hygienist in Utah, follow this ToolKit pdf.

Public Health Hygiene ToolKit


DATA Collecting



Additional Links

SB177 Details

Sample Collaborative Agreement

Dental Hygiene Practice Act

Dental Hygiene Rules and Regulations

Small Business Administration

A resource for Utah businesses 

Liability Insurance

Data Collecting

UDHA advocates that all hygienists working in public health setting maintain their own personal liability insurance.
The dental hygienist will not be covered by the collaborating dentists’ policy because you will be working in alternative settings.  Please make sure your policy will cover you to the full extent in alternative settings.