What is the UDHA Board up to?

A quick update from the UDHA Board.  Your Board members have been busy this week,  Thursday they attended the DOPL (Department of Occupational Professional Licensing) meeting and met with the UDA (Utah Dental Association) board.  And Friday, they were at is again at the OHC (Oral Health Coalition) meeting.

As you know, the DOPL Board, which is made up of 6 dentists, 2 hygienists, a public and a state representative, is responsible for dental regulations, including dental hygiene.  UDHA has been working hard for the past few years to develop a better respect and relation ship with these boards of professionals.  They feel the UDHA works better when they collaborate and build their professional network.  This week the hottest topics were presented by Danyelle Evan, UDHA Legislative Chair, she explained our views and plans for the future.  She did a great job of presenting our proposal on Mid-Level providers, Corporate Dentistry and Dental Hygiene Direct Access changes.  Both the DOPL and UDA board were receptive to the proposals and responded positively to the UDHA board.  The open discussion allowed them to evaluate options and solutions both dentists and hygienists can be pleased with.  As UDHA moves forward and the discussion continues or as any current updates come about we will keep you informed here!

[picture; UDHA Board and DOPL Hygienists pose with the Fortis students]

As mentioned in our presidential message last year, while the job market seems limited at times, there is a huge demand for dental hygiene services.  We need everyone helping to increase access to care so we can provide those services to those who need it most.  Related to this, the Sealants for Smiles organization  received approval for telehealth (telehealth technologiesinfo link).  This will allow x-rays and intraoral cameras to aid in an of-site examination by a dentist, allowing more exams on more children during each school year!  This is great news for their effort to reach undeserved children.  This provides dental hygienists with more opportunities to work and help improve oral hygiene in the community.


How can you help?  Changes like these don’t happen without support and effort.  Lobby Day is coming up February 13, 2015.  It would be wonderful to have UDHA represented in LARGE numbers.  Hygienists standing up for the needs of the community and pushing to improve access and funding for oral health care.  Plan on attending – UDHA and YOU can make a difference!

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UDHA Update 2014


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DOPL Meeting items

Dental_2014-12-04_Mid-level_Info.pdf – 12/2/14 1:19 PM
Dental_2014-12-04_agenda3.pdf – 12/2/14 2:32 PM
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Dental_2014_12_04_Mid-level_Handout.pdf – 12/5/14 6:34 PM
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