UDHA Spotlight Bobi Merritt

With her quiet and sweet personality you would never guess how much influence she has had on the Dental hygiene students she teaches each year.  Her passion and drive to mold the best Dental Hygienist she can shines through in all she does.  Please meet Bobi Merritt, RDH BS MBA, the 2014 UDHA Dedicated Service award recipient.

older-bbmmHow long have you been a hygienist? 17 years

I practiced dental hygiene for several years and decided I needed medical insurance for me and my child. A medical catastrophe could leave us homeless. So, I applied at SLCC in the dental hygiene program as a clinical manager, but they hired me as a clinical instructor in 1999, due to my dental experience and DH degree. I loved working with the students and was a good time to continue my education by getting my Bachelors. Needed a back up plan to my back up plan. Now I am thinking, what if my body gives out, I would need a little bit of a career change. I love working and helping others, so I chose a Human Service degree. I graduated with my Bachelors in 2002 and it just so happened SLCC needed an instructor, so they offered me a teaching position. Me, miss public speaker phobic. Sure I said and after a few months it became easier and easier, I LOVE TEACHING. Now I had to get better at it and again went back to get my Masters in Education, curriculum and instruction development graduating ion 2006. Man did that open up more doors and help me with class room instruction. I have been a full-time instructor for the past 12 years and of course my community class is my passion. Now I am able to help others and teach. Win, win situation.

 How long have you been a member? 14 years

Why are you a member?

The membership ensures that you are kept current with new idea’s, laws, volunteer and job opportunities, and so much more. They provide excellent magazines such as Access and Dimension, both are used in my classroom and in practice. They offer free continuing ed credits and have provided providing me with disability insurance at a very reasonable price. ADHA membership also demonstrates to my patients that as a professional I want to provide the best practice for them and apply up to date methods. I am so happy I remained a member because I have started the SADHA at Fortis College where I am currently employed and ADHA/UDHA has helped me to make it a success.

Describe something you are passionate about and why?

My passion is helping others through education and services. I have and am willing to go it alone, but also I have a niche for getting help where help is needed. I have a list of individuals who are also there with product, pamphlet’s, services and a commitment to help me, I can’t thank them enough. Because of this I have people from the State’s Dental Division, SLVHD, Dept. of Education, Head Start, Junior League, U of U Partners in the Park, SLC Senior Centers, etc., requesting our services. If I can’t do it, I will get it done anyway. But that does not go without saying I have help. As the community course instructor I inspire my students to be compassionate to the needs of others. We are so blessed in our profession and working in the community is a large part of dental hygiene. On a final note, my latest and greatest idea is to go downtown once a month in my little truck and take my little grill to have a tail gating party for the homeless. Who dosen’t like a good hot dog and root beer? I thought I would call it “tail gating to heaven.” Yes my students think I’m a little off, not going to argue that one.

Thank you Bobi for all you do to impact our students and the community. 


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