UDHA Spotlight Dianne Knight


Dianne is always working hard for the Dental Hygiene community and for students.  As the recipient of the UDHA 2014 Outstanding Mentor please meet Dianne Knight, RDH, MBA, Associate Professor

How long have you been a hygienist?  34 years
I graduated from Weber State in 1982, and went back home to California to work in private practice. In 1999, I wanted a change, so I went to teach at Dixie State College and loved it there. Eventually marriage took me to Salt Lake City, and I went to work for UVU a few years later, which I also love! I have been there now for over  7 years, and am still going strong!

How long have you been a member? I have been a continual member for the last 20 years.

Why are you a member?
By being a member of the ADHA, you have the power of the whole organization behind you, and are supported and empowered to do your best work. There are so many things to take advantage of as a member – all the latest and cutting edge information, knowledge of professional and educational opportunities, and updates on what is going on with legislation and changes in the profession. It also helps you stay connected to your community so that you can help improve the oral health situation there.

Describe something you are passionate about and why?
I love everything outdoors and being in nature! It’s very therapeutic for me, helps me think, set goals, dream, and replenishes my energy! When I lived in California, I lived near the ocean and took advantage of kayaking, scuba diving, and sailing. Now that I am in Utah, the mountains are so gorgeous that i try to hike, bike, snowshoe, and ski whenever I can. So no matter how busy my life is, if I can just get outdoors once a week or so… I stay happy!

Thank you Dianne for all you do!


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