Showing the Love on Lobby Day!

20140214_113454February, 14, 2014

UDHA and All of us want to thank all those who took the time to help make Lobby Day a success this year.  Especially all those students and hygienists that spent hours downtown at the capitol on Valentines day.

This is only our second year in a row actually showing up at the Capitol and reaching out to our legislators. Last year we had only 5 hygienists attend.  This year we had 28 people attend (hygienists, students and even one dentist).  What a great turnout.  I expect our numbers to keep growing every year.  IMAG2102“We need to form relationships with legislators and collaborate with other organizations to gain support.” Danyelle said.  That is just what happened this year.  The legislators will remember UDHA for attending every year (usually for Valentines Day) and when it is our time for support they will hopefully be on board.  We hope you can ALL attend next February.  Stay tuned for more reports and details about the great things that happened during our legislative visit.

If you would like to read more about what we discussed at Lobby day check out these documents.
Talking points for Legislators
Lobby Day 2014 Poster
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