UDHA Spotlight Eric Mutterer

Introducing Eric Mutterer RDH, MA

Eric has been a Dental Hygienist and a member of the UDHA since 1996.  We asked Eric some questions to get to know him better.


Why did you become a dental hygienist?
I had thought about dental school and went into the hygiene program first. After being in the hygiene program, I found I really enjoyed the field and wanted to prepare myself to teach it down the road. The hygiene field has a lot more to offer a person than what career counselors will tell you. I thought it was a bit sad that the field is never advertised as well as it should be for all that a person can achieve in this profession.

Why are you a member?
Great CE courses and one always needs to support and add to the political strength of their professional organization.

Who inspires you to become the best you, you can be and why?
A lady by the name of Ann Brunick, who is the head of the University of South Dakota hygiene program. She has always been a person that was easy to talk to and took the time li

sten and help guide you along the way. I still keep in contact with her and have had some great advice and professional direction given to me throughout the years from her. She set the bar high and I have always tried to live by the examples of dedication to the profession she has displayed.

Can you tell us a little about your history as a hygienist?
I started working in South Dakota and then went up to Idaho for a year to work. I decided to come to Utah for the chance to start teaching and volunteered my time for the salt lake community college dental hygiene program. I was still working private practice and I began to pick up more classes and responsibility for the SLCC dental hygiene program. I continued to teach and have a private practice job until the summer of 2006, when I started teaching at Utah College of dental hygiene and have been there since. In that time frame I also received a Master’s in Adult Ed/College Admin

What are you up to now?
Still teaching and enjoying the ever changing field that hygiene has become. It is interesting to see all the new paths that are being created in our field and trying to change the education system to better suit our needs.

Thank you Eric for being a great Dental Hygienist and sharing your story with us!