UDHA Spotlight Darci Weber

Dar222berIntroducing Darci Weber.  Registered Dental Hygienist and UDHA member

How long have you been a hygienist?  almost 3 years

Why did you become a dental hygienist?

I started working in dentistry during my senior year of high school.  I worked at a dental office in Oregon for about 8 months and that really solidified my desire to become a dental hygienist.  I loved working with the staff members and helping patients.  I went to the Utah College of Dental Hygiene and graduated in April 2011 with my bachelor’s degree.  After that I worked at College Dental which is a discounted clinic at my school.  I also worked as a dental hygiene assistant doing double hygiene where I was able to increase my speed and skills.  I now work at Stonehaven Dental in Lehi and I absolutely love my job!  Patients often ask why everyone is so happy. 🙂  I’ve been working there for the past 2 years and have grown so much as a dental hygienist.  My husband recently got accepted to Texas Tech Medical School so I am in the process of working on my Texas Dental Hygiene license for when we move this summer.

How long have you been a member? I was a student member for 2 years and a member for almost the last 3 years, so 5 years all together.

Why are you a member?  I feel that it is important to represent our  dental hygiene profession by being members.  We all have a voice and we need to be members to be heard.  The more members we have, the more we can help change our profession for the better.

Describe something you are passionate about and why?  I am so passionate about music!  I started learning the piano in 2nd grade, the cello in 3rd grade and have been singing for as long as I can remember.  I love that music can be performed in so many languages and arrangements, but that it can touch everyone’s hearts and truly inspire people.