UDHA Spotlight Dharshini Begaye

s4253_3Introducing Dharshini Begaye.

She works on the Navajo Reservation, in a public health office, called Utah Navajo Health System, Inc., that offers medical and dental services.  Dharshini was appointed as the Oral Health Coordinator, while still serving as a full time dental hygienist.  There is no other access to oral health education  besides, the program through the health center. There are 3 locations that the UNHS operates, but each location serves more that 3 communities. Making it possible to reach many people in these various communities.

Dharshini has been a Hygienist and a UDHA/ADHA member since 2010. When asked why are you a member this is what she said, “I am a member, because I feel my instructors in dental hygiene school explained the importance to support the national and state level organization of dental hygiene. It was such a great experience to have been chosen to take part in the House of Delegates, as a member. It was amazing to see the hard work of the many people who work so hard to make the UDHA events such a success. It was very inspiring to see the people serving on the Board of Trustees.”

Dharshini says her husband inspires her to become the best she can be. She said, “ He has been there for me through my good and bad days in my career. He helps in so many ways, he encourages and comforts me. From the days I get the craziest ideas on how to help educate my patients to the times I want to give up, he always has the right words to say to keep me going in this career. He understands me and my ideas, better than I can most of the time. I am so grateful for him in my life and my career.”

Here is a little work history from Dharshini

2005-2006: Employed at Utah Navajo Health System, Inc.-Montezuma Creek Health Center, as an Oral Health Worker/Dental Assistant.

2006-2008: Graduated from Dixie State College of Utah with an Associate Degree in Science of Dental Hygiene.

2009-2010: Graduated from Dixie State College of Utah with a Bachelors Degree in Science of Dental Hygiene-Public Health.

2009-Present: Employed at Utah Navajo Health System, Inc.-Montezuma Creek Health Center, as a Dental Hygienist/Oral Health Coordinator.

2013: Working with Michelle Martin (State of Utah Department of Health-Oral Health Specialist), Children with Special Health Care Needs as an Oral Health Champion for the Utah Southeastern area.

Thank you so much for sharing a bit of you with us and for sharing your passion and skills with the community.