UDHA Spotlight Michelle Martin


Michelle has been a Dental Hygienists for 17 years and a UDHA member for a ‘looong time’.  Here is her story.

I became a dental hygienist because I love working with the public and health care. I worked as a clinician in a fabulous office for 13 years with Dr. Dean Jarman. I also worked at the Huntsman Cancer Institute as a Health Educator for 3 years and now I am the Oral Health Specialist for the State of Utah. I help residents of Utah of all walks of life get access to dental care. I got my BS in Dental Hygiene from Weber State University and my MPH from the University of Utah. I love to help people of ALL walks of life. One thing I really miss about not doing clinical right now is the one on one with patients I worked with for years.

Michelle, Why are you a member?
To support our profession, learn from our profession, give to our profession and because I love those involved!

What are you naturally good at?
Rolling up my sleeves and working with people, organizing people to help out in our community health.  An example is the Special Olympics. I love to work with these amazing athletes, my volunteer clinicians, and dental hygiene students. It’s a lot of work, but SUPER rewarding and fun!

Picture: Michelle Martin at the Guatemala Dental Humanitarian Trip July 2013