Student Representives of Dist X

I am honored to be able to announce  the two students who have been selected to serve as our Student representives of Dist X to the ADHA HOD and AS in Boston.

The Student Delegate will be Shannon Williams and Alternate Delgate is Stephanie Lyon.   Shannon attends Dixie State University in Utah and Stephanie attends Utah Valley University.   Congratulations to both and to the state of Utah, we had 21 applications from all states in our District, so thankyou to all the directors for making sure your students are aware of this very special opportunity! Let us all welcome these students into the fold as we celebrate 100 years of the profession of Dental Hygiene!!!!

I have personally called each applicant and thanked them for their submission and encouraged them to continue their involvement with their Association.  The response that those students exhibited was an encouraging endorsement of the positive attitudes and eagerness of the next generation that will contribute to the profession.  So please take a moment and share that with your components and extend a warm welcome to both Shannon and Stephanie….

Just a bit more info to share……
There is a form to connect you with a roommate at Annual Session on the ‘housing’ link on the registration site if you do not find one.

The ADHA YouTube Video contest has started! There are two categories and the winner of each will win a $500 Visa Card. They are awesome and definately worth taking the time to watch! Deadline to VOTE is March 22.

Final call for ADHA   leadership/governance  applications-  Please see the website for election information, Deadline to apply is March 29, 2013.

Jackie Alexander, RDH
ADHA District 10 Trustee