Volunteer Opportunities

Stand Up For Utah Smiles

What a fun way to get involved and help needed children.  Hygienists’ are needed to place fluoride, complete oral screenings, and oral hygiene instruction to children.  To get involved please pass your information to the contact below and get an upcoming schedule.

Sealants for Smiles   801-313-7051
5373 South Green St 4th floor   801-290-5126
Salt Lake City, UT 84123   info@sealantsforsmiles.org


Head Start Programs

Hygienists’ are needed to place fluoride, complete oral screenings, and oral hygiene instruction to children. To get involved contact the person in you area to get details.

SLC, Tooele, Wendover: Jennifer Godfrey 801-977-1122
Davis: Mark Dewsnup 801-402-0666
Ogden Weber Community Action Program: 801-399-9281
DDI Advantage (Murray School District): Martha 801-966-0497

Orem Kids on the Move: Heather Hadfield 801-221-9930
Provo: Patty Jonas 801-375-7981
Bear River: Rachael Cook 435-787-8885
Central Rural and Migrant: Katie Buller 801-521-44730

Wellington: Lynette Mitchell 435-637-4960
SUU Head Start: Tom Morgan 435-586-6770
Southern Utah Learning Center for Families: Tim Hayward 435-673-5353


Dental Hygienists Needed for Expedition to Uganda and Rwanda, Africa

Join this service expedition organized by a Canadian Rotarian and the Academy of LDS Dentists. It takes 8 years to train a dentist, but just 3 years to train a Public Health Dental Officer to give anesthetic, extract teeth, and give antibiotics. In recent years we have trained these PHDOs to remove decay with hand instruments and fill teeth with glass ionomer. Now we are teaching these same PHDOs to clean teeth.

With a ratio of dentists to population of 1 to 800,000, these PHDOs are essential in Uganda and Rwanda. At least 4 dental hygienists are needed to go in late January, early February to teach PHDOs one on one, chairside, to treat periodontal disease non-surgically. Service doesn’t get more potent than this; teach them and they continue working after we leave!

Conditions are excellent. English is the official language. You always feel safe. met at the airport, stay at the University Guest House, teach at the dental school equipped recently by Rotary. You will probably want to go on a 2 day African safari too.

For detailed information call periodontist Jerry Summerhays, 801-268-4436, soon!
Dental hygienists Karol Aldrich, 801 556-7526, and Shaun Moeller, 801 631-3752 will encourage you to go.

Mentors For Students

If anyone is interested in mentoring a current dental hygiene student, please contact Marilyn Pickett

Donated Dental

This clinic is located in Salt Lake City and is in need of volunteers year round, Monday-Friday. For more information please contact Zainab (Zay-knob) at 801-983-0346 or email z@donateddental.org. For more information please visit www.DonatedDental.org. Help address the desperate dental needs of the underprivileged in our community!


Weber-Midtown Dental Clinic

This is the WSU DH Program clinic. The clinic welcomes DH who would like to participate in volunteer services for dentally underserved Ogden residents. Clinic Hrs M-Th 8-5 for more information call (801)-626-7169 or 801-626-6130


The Academy of LDS Dentists

Feeling BURNED OUT and UNAPPRECIATED? Donate you skills to the Academy of LDS Dentists for one week of humanitarian service in a third world country. It will change your perspective, improve your self image, and increase your list of friends.

There is work for anyone who wishes to participate. You could bring a spouse or adult child to make repairs, build, paint, develop x-rays, sterilize instruments or serve as a receptionist. To volunteer contact: Dr. Robert Boyer (801) 966-2090 home (801) 969-1802 office or www.academyofldsdentists.com

The most significant impact has been at the local dental schools. Emphasis is place on teaching local faculty and students up-to-date procedures. The Academy supports project in Mongolia, Ghana, Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Tonga, Indonesia and Cambodia. You need not be a member to serve. For more information call Ellen Christensen RDH (801) 968-0536
Mali Rising Foundation Logo

Mali Rising Foundation

For more information, please visit www.malirisingfoundation.org

“Going to Mali, Africa was one of the most life changing experiences I’ve ever had. We loved serving the people and feeling like we really made a difference. We saw it all from yellow fever to malaria to major infections. It was awesome to see the relief in their eyes when we gave their babies life saving penicillin and other medications that aren’t normally available to them. The gratitude and love we felt from the people was overwhelming. We are planning to participate every year. Words can’t express the love and respect I have for the people in Mali.”