UDHA Spotlight Stephanie Shoemaker

UDHA thanks Stephanie Shoemaker for being a Member!

Get to know Stephanie better…step014

How long have you been a hygienist?  12 years

 Why did you become a dental hygienist?
In junior high I was going through the ortho stage of life. My dental assistants were so nice, cute and made my ortho experience fun! It was never a struggle for me to keep my teeth clean…it was just what I thought was important and I had pride in my smile. During that time I knew that assisting could be a future career of mine.

Step forward to junior year of high school when Mom suggests dental hygiene as a career. I studied the difference between assisting and  hygiene and felt that hygiene was the most rewarding route to take. Educating the public of the importance of oral health, seeing the transformation in patients homecare regimen, making patients feel important, not to mention the great pay and schedule flexibility all appealed to me.

How long have you been a member? 11 years

Why are you a member?
If my profession is so important to me then shouldn’t my membership in ADHA/UDHA be too? This is my career and no one else will back me up but ADHA/UDHA. If there is to be any change in the dental hygiene profession nationally or a change in our Utah state practice act then I need to be the change. I can’t sit back and watch the ride, I will take the ride!

Describe something you are passionate about and why. (i.e. a hobby, a cause, a family)?
To run is one of the most rewarding passions of mine! Nothing feels better than the wind blowing through your hair, great music pumping through your MP3, soaking in the scenery, and being grateful for my ability to take care of my body. You feel so much better too when slipping on those jeans if you know what I mean:)


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