President Katie Poulsen’s Message

Introducing our new 2012-13 UDHA President Katie Pouslen.

It is with pleasure and honor to be the president of this great association.  This past year has been progressive and interesting.  There have been many changes to our profession locally and nationally.   In light of possible transformations we have chosen “Change for Our Future” as title and theme for this year.

I was raised with notion that change is inevitable.  I believe that if one is not changing they cannot grow, therefore they are stagnant, unable to improve.   It is an exciting time to be a member and it is a great time in the history of dental hygiene.  There is a lot of revolution that is about to take place and it may be for the benefit or detriment of our profession. There are new workforce models coming out nation wide.  Some will enhance our profession and some will make us take a step back and loose the benefits we have worked for.  It is important to have members who are passionate about protecting our profession, as it exists.

As we begin a new fiscal year with a new board I would like to revisit Annalee’s theme last year “Together and United, we are only as strong as our weakest link”.   I hope you took her advice and encouragement. If not, I would like to challenge you again to contact one friend who’s not a member.  Invite them to join!  My goal this year is to help hygienists’ see a professional network that will far exceed any price of membership dues.

I have always loved the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  How true, wither you are in private practice trying to implement a new hygiene program, a student working toward those dreaded boards, in a public health setting dealing with issues of access to care, or the president of the ADHA.  We are working together for the same goal and we are only as good as the members.

I am excited for this upcoming year and hope you will join me in “Changing for our future”!