Presidential Message-Annalee Hull

Presidential Message 2011 – Annalee Hull – UDHA President

I feel privileged to hold this Presidential Position for this coming year. I would like to thank every one of YOU for what you personally bring, and for listening to learn where we are right now as a Profession. It is my hope we can make this another great and productive year for all Dental Hygienists, as well as the organizations and agencies that we collaborate with. The Theme I have chosen for the Utah Dental Hygienists’ Association this year is: We are only as strong as our weakest Link, Together & United, Let’s Hook up! What I am asking this year, is to be aware and realize how important it is that we stand Together as Hygienists, and be United. In doing so, we can better represent, resolve our needs, and protect our profession, as well as all the people we serve. We will be Stronger! Consider what YOU do, and be the spark to Unite other fellow Hygienist in our Profession. All of us can be a constructive part of our profession this coming year; and we should strive to be the best we can be.

We need a united front in order to accomplish the best that we can for quality dental health care, and for the Legislative changes that should be made, in order to continue to pave the way for Dental Hygiene to be done the right way. Ensure to protect your jobs, and the integrity of dental hygiene; not compromising the care the public receives, as other groups have different intensions. Unite the Hygiene brother and sisterhood. I have said before we need to be able to stand, One for All and All for One! It is seriously time for us to hook up Together; we are only as strong as our weakest link. We are all one. It is now important more than ever to unite all of us in our same common goals and same common cause. There are those working against us as we speak. Organized purpose is stronger than anarchy independent beliefs. This is why it is essential we promote our cause more than ever to our fellow hygienists.

United we have a force that can work our way and grow a bond between all of us as hygienists. We need to unite as much as possible, it’s for our own best interest; from the new hygienist coming in the field, as well as the experienced hygienist who have been around for a long time as well. We can help each other better, help our patients better, and help prevent compromised treatment that is trying to threaten our field and our professionalism that the public deserves.

I am here to say that you have my commitment and dedication. I vow to do the best that I can for Our Association, and for all Hygienists, Members or not, to fulfill this position in the time that I have been given. I would like you to please share your input with me, so I can better serve you. We want to hear your voice.

Symbolically this year we are using Beaner hooks to represent how we are TOGETHER & UNITED in UDHA. We want to use these physical links symbolically to convert us logically to linking up with each other on computers, in order to strengthen our connection and our communication. If you attended Installation @ Annual Session you have a Beaner for yourself, and a Beaner to give to a Hygienist that was not there, to welcome them to join us; And if not, you now know the method we are trying to use. We want to encourage as many Hygienists as possible to join the “Hygiene Link”, where we can all be Connected and United as Dental Hygienists. YOU can help grow the Membership for our Association, One by One, Link by Link, into a Stronger Membership for the Hygiene Program. May we create a strong and prosperous year; and may the Force be with Us All!

Annalee Hull, RDH

President UDHA


C: (801) 502-3065