About UDHA

The Utah Dental Hygienists’ Association (UDHA) is the Utah division of the American Dental Hygienist’s Association (ADHA), the largest professional organization representing the interests of dental hygienists.

Our members enjoy professional support, educational programs, and numerous opportunities for participation in association decision making. With your support, we can carry out our mission and purpose.

Core Ideology (Mission)

Unite, empower and support the dental hygiene profession


Dental hygienists are valued and integrated into the broader health care delivery system to improve the public’s oral and overall health care.

UDHA Goals

  1. Support dental hygiene professionals throughout their careers
    Develop resources that support dental hygienists to explore current and future career pathways
    Provide access to professional resources
  2. Strengthen UDHA/ADHA’s infrastructure
    Ensure UDHA/AHDA has the financial, operation and human resources to support our strategic plan
    Ensure unity among UDHA/ADHA’s governance structure
    Develop and foster roust leadership pipeline
  3. Advocate for the profession
    Support state and federal advocacy efforts that advance direct access and the role of dental hygienists
    Advance dental hygiene education programs to best prepare professionals for their evolving scope of practice
    Foster constituent and member usage of UDHA/ADHA’s advocacy infrmation


Board of Trustees

Our board is composed of some of the best hygienists in the state. They are constantly working toward providing a better future for all hygienists through legislation, education and consternation.

Dental Hygiene Oath

In my practice as a Dental Hygienist, I affirm my personal and professional commitment to improve the oral health of the public, to advance the art and science of dental hygiene, and to promote high standards of quality care. I pledge continually to improve my professional knowledge and skills, to render a full measure of service to each patient entrusted to my care, and to uphold the highest standards of professional competence and the personal conduct in the interests of the dental hygiene profession and the public it serves.



ADHA/UDHA yearly breakdown
ADHA $196
UDHA (state) $75
The total fee is $271 a year.

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