Smoking Cessation

Three Minutes or Less Can Save Lives

The purpose of the ADHA’s Ask, Advise, Refer, Smoking Cessation Initiative is to increase the number of dental hygienists who perform smoking cessation interventions with their clients. According to a baseline study in the Journal of Dental Hygiene (Winter 2001), only one in four dental hygienists screen their clients regarding tobacco rate of use, type and amount. The advice of a health care professional can more than DOUBLE smoking cessation success rates. With tobacco use cited as the leading preventable cause of illness and death in our society, the advise we give our clients on tobacco cessation as dental hygienists is essential! The ADHA is encouraging dental hygienists to follow 3 simple steps:

Ask: Ask every client about tobacco use at every visit.

Advise: In a clear, strong, and personalized manner, urge every tobacco user to quit.

Refer: Determine if the client is interested in quitting. If they are…refer them to the Utah Quit Line: 1-888-567-TRUTH or follow the fax referral program listed below.

Quit Line Fax Referral:

Why should I use fax referral? Fax referral eliminates the problems that prevent clients from contacting the Quit Line. The Quite Line will actually call the client and send the healthcare provider information about which services their clients have received, facilitating follow-up. The Quit Line will also track the number of fax referrals from each dental clinic.

How do I use fax referral?

1. Enter your clinic information at

2. Print the form and photocopy it for each of your tobacco-using clients to complete

3. Ask your tobacco-using clients if they would like the Utah Tobacco Quit Line to help them quit. If they say “yes” then write your name on item 1 of the form and ask the client to fill out the other items. Have the client sign the form.

Fax the form to the Utah Tobacco Quit Line’s fax number: 1-800-483-3114.

Look for component presidents to be passing out tobacco cessation information for you and your clients in you upcoming component meetings! Gold card are also on order and will be available at the UDHA annual meeting. Gold cards look like credit cards with the tobacco cessation information on them and they can be given to our tobacco-using clients.

I hope all of you will consider tobacco cessation as part of your dental hygiene routine! It’s and opportunity to increase total health and save lives!

Erika Beckstrom
Utah SCI Liaison